Station Eternity

Mur Lafferty

Depending on your point of view, "Station Eternity" is either a mystery set in space or a science fiction novel about interstellar cooperation when a crime occurs. We have chosen to shelve this book in science fiction. Mallory Viridian is one of only three humans on a sentient space station named Eternity. She has escaped there, fleeing other humans, because she is a magnet for murders. There have been at least 10 murders in her vicinity since she was a child and she has a knack for solving them. When the station unexpectedly allows a shuttle of humans to visit and there is a murder, Mallory is chosen to find the killer. 

The author, Mur Lafferty, is an award-winning North Carolina writer who also produces a podcast in Durham, NC. The earthly scenes in "Station Eternity" are in set in North Carolina. For those that like light science fiction this was a fun and often funny read. It appears to be the beginning of a series entitled the Midsolar Murders so there will be more to come.